IMG_1846Barcinda Forest is an environmental play which deals with the subject of deforestation and the cataclysmic effects it has on an assortment of forest creatures when they realize that the forest they call home is being destroyed by a land developer. It is a play that captures the heart, soul, and interconnectivity of a forest.
This is a 4-act play of 9 characters and minimal production requirements. The language of the play uses prose for the land developer and verse for the forest creatures. The performance runs 2 hours; this includes a 15 minute intermission between Acts II and III. Press reviews.  Produce this play.



Moon 2 @ Tryston, written by  Janeen Stevens and directed by Carol Ferrone, is a play about two  rebellious young people from problematic planets dealing with a  nefarious plot devised by military/industrial CEOs. Stevens drew  inspiration for the play from Eisenhower’s farewell address to  congress.


JS21KcopyToughing Slumaria is about four young single mothers from different ethnic backgrounds–who live in the same apartment building, and who share the common need of public assistance to get by–through their endurance of a sexually predatory landlord, they form a bond which strengthens as they seek a way out of their situation to pursue lives of safety and dignity. Press reviewsProduce this play.


"No Greater Love." Courtesy of Xavier Theatre Company

“No Greater Love.” Courtesy of Xavier Theatre Company

No Greater Love is a vibrant musical drama that celebrates through song, dance and poetry the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Press reviews.